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AAL Inet Kit Extreme Duty Version


LightRail Add-A-Lamp Kit, no Rail incl; Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels Now as Standard, Match with LightRail Grow Tents or Strut Rail Compatible:  As part of your indoor growing equipment, this is the easiest way to move a second or third indoor grow light. And, that’s all from your one LightRail light mover motor. The Add A Lamp Kit no-rail version takes it to another level with pre-installed Extreme Duty Trolley Wheels rated to 60 lbs and now as standard. This grow light system is compatible with your existing LightRail 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or 4.20 indoor grow system. And, the LightRail Add-A-Lamp Kit allows for extended coverage for an additional indoor grow light. The Add A Lamp Kit includes a 6’ push/pull rod, in two 3’ sections with a coupler nut, an Auxiliary Trolley, hardware and instructions. Perfect Add A Lamp components to use in the LightRail Grow Tents,  since those grow tents already have an included Rail section, or to match with a Strut Channel Compatible Rail, should that be a better match for your space. Or, for any grow equipment setup, these are the perfect Add A Lamp components if you already have a Rail.


With the LightRail Add-A-Lamp Kit, multiple indoor grow lights can be moved


Note: Up to three indoor grow lights can be moved in-line with this grow light system. For the three indoor garden light configurations, you would have this: There would be a LightRail Add-A-Lamp Kit, then a LightRail 3.5 or a LightRail 4.0 Kit then another LightRail Add-A-Lamp Kit. For moving two indoor grow lights in-line, you would have a LightRail 3.5 or 4.0 Kit and then an Add-A-Lamp Kit. Also note, the LightRail 4.20 Kit (see product page) comes with one Add-A-Lamp Kit included.


Hint: For tighter spaces, the Add-A-Lamp Kits together with your LightRail 3.5 or 4.0 Kits can be used with light mover rail halves only. And, that DIY light mover configuration would have 1-3 foot gaps between the light mover rail 3’3″ (1m) rail halves. So, this allows for more grow light system space flexibility. And, the indoor plant light will fill into the gap areas from both sides. Note: This grow light system configuration gives good grow lamp coverage for the entire area including the “gap plants”.


Larger LED grow lights with the Add A Lamp Kit using RoboBar and extra hardware included

If you have larger LED grow lights and are using RoboBars, the Add A Lamp can be used with the Light Rail RoboBar with minor setup changes. In this instance, both 6’6″ Rails (none included in this Add A Lamp version) would be gapped be about 3 feet (1m), and the Add A Lamp Kit’s Extender Rod (push/pull rod) will be attached from RoboBar to RoboBar. That’s instead of Motor to Auxiliary Trolley as with the standard Add A Lamp Kit setup. Special instructions and extra hardware will be included for this RoboBar to RoboBar connection.


Suggested travel distance? About 3’ (1m) Switch Stop to Switch Stop. This will likely light up the 6’6” (2m) Rail length nicely, as half the light from your lamp goes beyond that stopper setting and this happens at both ends of the lamp’s travel, with grow light pattern coverage going even farther. Larger LED grow lights can move farther with a 3′ (1m) gap in between inline Rails.


Suggested time delay setting? At 3’ (1m) of travel, a time delay setting of about 20-30 seconds might be just right. You can then see over time if any adjustments are needed. Larger LED grow lights will do best with a maximum time delay of 60 seconds.


Manufactured by Gualala Robotics and a part of the LightRail brand. It’s all about quality constructed, instrument grade robotics. You can only get this with LightRail by Gualala Robotics.

Light Rail Add A Lamp Kit, no Rail included; match w/Strut Rail or LightRail Gro

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